Your Business Ally :

Optimus Energy is today a front runner in the field of power generation. Evolved from a family business with a base of over 50 years in the industry, Rai Power is now a successful professionally managed organization. The company’s expertise is well established and highly sought after- Rai Power is a preferred power solution provider for a large number of prominent business enterprises across the corporate sector ranging from pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cement and heavy industry to hospitality, entertainment and the IT sector in India

Our Vision :

. To maintain our position as one of the prominent power generation company’s in India.
. To maintain our position as one of the front runners in technical innovation and supply of power systems and environmental technologies.
. o protect and manage the impact on the environment, promote energy efficiency, and provide for greater access to advanced clean energy technologies.
. To work towards maximizing the positive economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations.

Our Values :

. Safety, Fair Practices, Trust, Responsibility, Respect and Care

Our Mission :

. Safety, performance and value in power generation, transmission and distribution.
. Respect our people’s abilities and give them the opportunities.
. Meet the needs of our customers in ways that improve their quality of life while protecting the environment.
. Improve the environmental and safety performance of our generators, and add these standards to our work ethics.
. Set the standards for safety, efficiency and reliability in our power generation and distribution systems.
. Become a responsible corporate citizen in whichever environment we operate.