Annual Magzines


Acceptance of AMC depends on condition of the Machine Duration of this agreement will be ONE YEAR w.e.f. date of receiving full earnest.

The Controllers are expected in good working condition while accepting the contract.

The customer is expected to keep available the said machine / s or other facilities. In case of any difficulty the date should be changed in advance by mutual consent. Alternatively the visit will be treated as completed.

It is possible that machine covered under the plan can breakdown. Our services will in any case be available in such event at an extra cost.

We can also undertake overhaul/repairs of subassemblies / assemblies at an extra cost.

In order to ensure minimum downtime the customer is advised to order and stock all the required spares for Preventive Maintenance Contract (PMC) in advance. The list of spares is available on the net for standard models or can be requested. In any case our representative will hand over such list while finalizing the contract.

In order to get the best results, it is obvious that the customer should carry out the routine maintenance as per the guidelines given in manual. Preventive maintenance shall be carried out as per the laid down format enclosed. However, we will be open to carry out any job over and above the scope of preventive maintenance at an extra cost. We shall be entitled to terminate the agreement in the event of change of ownership or location of the said machine.

Either party shall entitled to terminate the agreement at any time giving one month’s advance notice, and the customer shall be entitled to refund of the advance on pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of the agreement.

If prior to offering the machine for PMC the machine is offered for overhauling, a lump sum quotation towards service charges will be offered with concessional service charges as above.

If there is any breakdown visit in between 2 AMC visits, the same can be adjusted in the total number of AMC visits or, if desired, can be charged extra.